Module netsyslog
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Module netsyslog

netsyslog enables you to construct syslog messages and send them (via UDP) to a remote syslog server directly from Python. You can send log messages that contain the current time, local hostname and calling program name (i.e. the typical requirement of a logging package) to one or more syslog servers.

Unlike other syslog modules netsyslog also allows you to set the metadata (e.g. time, host name, program name, etc.) yourself, giving you full control over the contents of the UDP packets that it creates.

See Logger.log and Logger.send_packet for a synopsis of these two techniques.

The format of the UDP packets sent by netsyslog adheres closely to that defined in RFC 3164. Much of the terminology used in the RFC has been incorporated into the names of the classes and properties and is used throughout this documentation.

Further information and support can be found from the netsyslog home page.
HeaderPart The HEADER part of the message.
Logger Send log messages to syslog servers.
MsgPart Represents the MSG part of a syslog packet.
Packet Combines the PRI, HEADER and MSG into a packet.
PriPart The PRI part of the packet.

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str __version__ = '0.1.0-dev'

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